With hope and longing


Installation: wood, loudspeaker, light system

Exhibitions history

New Songs for Old Cities, 23.01.—28.02.2021, Netwerk Alst, Belgium
Curated by Daniella Géo, Piet Mertens and Pieternel Vermoortel

Here is a loudspeaker, but instead of the sound, the light comes out. What can be explained more or add? All the rest is a mistake. But я один сидю на плинтуаре тёмной ночкой, Abyssus abyssum invocate. The periphery of the cost, a ridge, and a cliff, but slightly blue. A figure of a loudspeaker. O Mr. Loudspeaker, why are you not a warlord? What can fit in that womb, just a stalk of light? Impossible, worldly construction. Reorganization of the world order by mediation pillar in Alst. The text turns again, and here it is again about love: Depart from course, freeze in a ray of light. Solar eclipse, flashes of light. What shines for me there, on the banks of the Dender? Whose eye is this? In fact, I often find myself like this alone, on the riverbank. This has happened before. I would like something to be heard from the loudspeaker. But maybe it should not be music, not a voice, but light? Highlight Tartaria, here! Never let me down again Highlighting a secluded place (shelter) Speaking out of the way Face to face In this place, street, alley, nooks, and crannies, there is no one, not a single soul. Light dissolves in water. How does the light smell? Where did the smell go? Look at this pillar. To whom are the monuments erected? Goodbye!

Thanks: Daniella Geo and Hisk


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