Ugly tapes from balkan


This work appeals to rethinking of balkan music archive. Exploring it and listening to enormous quantity of examples I decided to let it through myself. To make it I decided to play an endless dj-set build on folk songs called gusljari – music with a sort of nealy suicidal mood that tells long stories about peoples` life. Such practice appeals to method of articulation and border probing cause the format of a party presuppose to be more extravert. In this case I create a zone of discomfort for people who came to the party by such suicidal folk noise.
Music from this tapes has ancient roots.
Arab travellers report evidence that the Slavs used the gusle in the 10th century.
A guslar is an individual capable of reproducing and composing poems about heroes and historical events to the accompaniment of this instrument, usually in the decasyllable meter. There are records of an instrument named gusle (гоусли) being played at the court of the 13th-century Serbian King Stefan Nemanji?, but it is not certain whether the term was used in its present-day meaning or it denoted some other kind of string instrument.
The gusle instrumentally accompanies heroic songs (epic poetry) in the Balkans.
I wanted to check myself. How long will I keep playing these cassettes?

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76-149 bpm
Oriental RetroMania is a common name for a series of artistic practices, which includes the experience of interaction with the musical texture of the so-called eastern regions without specific geographical determination. The nodal idea is to explore the music archives of marginalized groups, for example the Serbian gusliari (work “ugly tapes from balkan”) By juggling contexts and textures, it becomes possible to create a unique ornament.

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