Tais toi et écoute


Installation: founded footage, 2’51, color, HD, foil floor, leather ear 145 earplugs, leather envelope.

Exhibitions history

In a Long Blink of an Eye, 7.12.2020-31.01.2021, Gosset site, Brussel, Belgium Curated by Daniella Geo

This is an installation, or if you like, the scene, consists of several parts
I describe them like this:
Leather ear, earplug tower, corridor, dungeon with a sculpturedlike screen, In which we can see a group of people in a very strange light.
When we enter the room, they claping hands and then freeze.
And then they applaud again. Loop.
We understand that there is a distance between us.
These people look unusual. They are from the past.
The entourage speaks
about it.
What are they waiting
Who are these people?
You will never know that
among them was, for
example, a sugar tycoon
and the former president
of Ukraine Petro
Poroshenko and his
wife, or city council of
my hometown Odessa –
Eduard Gyrvitz. And all
of them came there by
invitation from Yan
How did their fates
What did it lead to?
Did that concert happen
in the end, that event,
for which they were
Yes, there is also
something to glow
behind the screen.
A magical sealed letter
letter of happiness.
Perhaps there you will
find an answer.

Thanks: Daniella Geo and Hisk


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