Become Never (Настало Никогда)


Noch, Odesa


18 June — 24 August 2021


They said recently, a sailor came. A funny one, with the letters П Е Р М А Я and a life-east, or life-vest. In a tel-nice robe. And under it was a sign. Outlandish shoes, and inside them – unseen – borscht is poured. And a spoon in the right shoe. Borsch is not simple, from buckwheat. And the spoon was aluminum. On the Internet, such shoes have been seen. Various sticks spread along the walls. They have painted leaves. And everything is yellow, just everything is filled with gold. Then a stool – and at the stool one leg moved out, fell, bitten off by someone. Letters are burnt on the stool, and it is written: “Hell is exactly below.” What is this below? Churchkhela. Three churchkhela present. They say that there was a shelf at the end, and there was Rambo in Bulgarian, a trade union ticket, matches and a French dictionary, Kolja if any. A colleague also told me that there was some kind of family there, relatives. And the birds are hardened in the corner. A lot of. Was the weather good? – They promised rain. Was. It happens that something happens in the city, and then bam – an exhibition. So there it was called become never. The letters were so invisible in the room: Н а с т а л о Н и к о г д а.



Supported by Voloshyn Gallery

Photo: (c) Hunt Kastner Gallery. The photographer is Michal Czanderle


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