As far as I`m young I make bad works.


In my practice I refer to a theme of the position that artist possess in global art context and the meaning of his/her voice being peripherally located. Last year I became a participant of the art competition for the title of the best young artist in Ukraine. Nowadays here there are many of such competitions. Speculative nature of competitions and attempts of young artists to take part in it show a fragile state of artists. They try to use each platform to stay visible in a public field and to express all their practice in one piece of work. I decided to focus on critic position while  creating this work. I aggravated the paradox of Mladen Stilinovic in the work “An artist who cannot speak English is no artist” writing it in Russian and united it with my previous work “Why they choose me for this exhibition” made for one bad quality art festival in Odessa. The work “Why they choose me for this exhibition” is based on a performance of Alexander Brener ”Why they didn`t choose me for this exhibition” – I used an artificial mechanic parrot to say this vice versa phrase. I united this two pieces in one installation with the title “As far as I`m young I make bad works”

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How do radical practices of artists of previous generations echo today? What kind of interaction is there between young author and artworks, which have already become iconic? The study of artistic language action mechanism and its transformation in time has formed the basis for the series of works. The author creates a new gesture based on a well-known statement, thus revealing current problems in art system functioning.  Vividly-colored exotic bird repeats the same phrase: “Why did they take me to this exhibition?”. The artist dissects legendary phrases and slogans of artistic world. Refering to action by Alexander Brener called “Why didn’t they take me to this exhibition?”, the central statement is expressed through optics, which reflects current position of the young artist in contem- porary art system. The rules of project selection of authors remain vague, often causing novice artists finding themselves trapped within institutional frameworks. Thus, the cult of intense creative production deforms the author. The artist follows this line in work named “An Artist who cannot speak English is no artist”. The same phrase is poor English is embroidered on canvas by Croatian conceptualist Mladen Stilinovi?. Here, the initial message is brought to the extreme – the Cyrillic inscription states the impossibility of the author to become an actor of full value in contemporary art system and to be called an artist, regarding the difficulty of full-fledged expression in the English-speaking, and hence, international field. At the same time, the work overcomes the impossibility of translating conceptual art language: through appropriation, the initial impetus is addressed to the situation in contemporary art of the countries of the “Global South”, to the questions of in-system hierarchy and personal perspectives of each artist.

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