Alo Alo


Alo, Alo!

Artistic analysis of historical episodes when the voice of power fails and lost its articulation is one of the directions of Karabinovych practice.

In this frame the work “Alo, Alo!” appeals to the phenomenon of an event of authoritarian power loss. The extreme moment of Romanian history when Nicolae Ceausescu was ousted is depicted only through the object and documentary sound, but meanwhile the audience becomes the bystander of revolutionary flow choreography seen through the figure of a diminishing dictator.

From the depths of the black fur cap we hear the voice belonging to Ceausescu — this is a lopped fragment of his last public speech. Rambling talk, ragged scream “Alo!”, slipping down to mumbling.

The cry of revolution is concentrated in pauses of this speech and above to burst through. The only thing that reminds a former greatness is a luxurious black fur cap. How and in which moment exactly this metaphorical hat falls down from ahead of the power?

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