Artist flags on all Amsterdam ferries 12 to 31 May 2020.


Flags have always been a powerful means of communication. When a yellow and black flag is raised on a ship, a signal is given to the other ships that it is in quarantaine for the coming 40 days. More often, flags represent (geo) political or social realities: they serve as an identifier that includes and excludes. The great associative value of this object makes the flag an interesting medium for artists to question these properties. What else can a flag be? In these times where ways of thinking and knowing, control and demarcation are being shaken, the artists will present 13 flags that play with language, images, symbols and beliefs.

Artists: Wa?l el Allouche, Babi Badalov, Sara Culmann, Rini Hurkmans, Nikolay Karabinovych, Bernice Nauta, Ahmet ???t, Bodil Ou?draogo, Party of the Dead, Rory Pilgrim, Berkay Tuncay.

Curated by Robbie Schweiger