INSTEADOFEXHIBITION opens on March 24th and ends on April 14th with a main event — a final discussion with curator and director of Jewish Museum of Odessa Mikhail Rashkovetsky.

Today, in Ukrainian art, it is not very common to articulate problems of artistic method and language. The author’s text to Nikolai Karabinovych’s new solo show INSTEADOFEXHIBITION, opening on March 24 in Lviv Gallery Detenpyla, begins with words “Something went wrong…” Karabinovych, one of the most promising young Ukrainian artists, raises the issues of artistic language, its capabilities and targets. A one-year break in expo activity, after a resonant project realized in Pinchuk Art Center, becomes a precedent for the creation of a 4-hour long video. In this film, Karabinovych describes and shows the works that he made or did not make during the past year in a conversation with the curator and former director of the Soros Center of Odessa, Mikhail Rashkovetsky.

What is this conversation of excessive length about? Confession, psychotherapy, explanation of the artist’s long silence — perhaps all of these, perhaps something completely different. The work is not about the personal story. Using his experience, Karabinovych dissects the specificity of the local art scene, the goals and results of institutionalized artistic activity in Ukraine. Certainly, he is in search of his own method of expression. Is there now a circle of young Ukrainian artists who speak the same language, or does Karbinovych remain in solitude? Perhaps the artist’s silence was caused by the reluctance to participate in the speculative projects of his colleagues. But INSTEADOFEXHIBITION interrupts this silence. Let’s see what will happen next.



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