Ein Brief von der Front – A Letter from the Front at HDK, Munich

Ein Brief von der Front – A Letter from the Front at HDK, Munich

Under the title “Ein Brief von der Front – A Letter from the Front”, Haus der Kunst presents a selection of videos and filmic works by contemporary artists from Ukraine.

“‘A Letter from the Front’ is a partnership with the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea. It is the outcome of our daily conversations with international art institutions, and it precedes further ones in support of the communities of artists from Ukraine as well as those aligned with Ukraine from Russia and Belarus. Curated by artist Nikita Kadan with Giulia Colletti, the filmic exhibition series underlines our belief in sound, words, music, film, and video as fundamental tools for collective communication, grief, and fortitude, as well as extraordinary and creative forms of inventive documentation. For Haus der Kunst this project is a commitment against the violent invasion of Ukraine and a commitment to the country’s artists — who use their voice and tools to interpret, dissect, and show us what we need to see.” (Andrea Lissoni and Emma Enderby)

Some of the Ukrainian artists who participate in this exhibition with their works are currently blocked in the cities under siege or have managed to take refuge in the border areas or in neighbouring countries. They are mobilizing within or outside the borders of the war-torn country, measuring themselves against distances through their own bodies. Some of them were unable to recover their hard drives before leaving their homes and studios, and therefore this project can only include artworks that are saved in digital formats on servers, clouds and web platforms.

“The greater the distances are between all of us, the more united we feel in our demand to stop the Russian aggression in Ukraine. We could not be more solidary than we are now, while we face the fact that years of political struggles are in danger of dissolving and going up in smoke. The selection of filmic works and moving images presented on this occasion do not strictly speak of the new war. They are rather evidence of the work that has been done (or we thought we had done) to prevent the conflict. This works can be seen as a premonition of an evident and inevitable catastrophe, which too often in the history of Ukraine has been tangible.” (participating artists)


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