text/voice: Serhiy Zhadan
contemporary dance: Andrea Maria Handler
sound: Olexiy Vorsoba/Vlad Kreymer
video: Mykola Karabinovych
idea: Olya Mykhailiuk


Project was intended as correspondence between Him and Her. The basis is poetry of Serhiy Zhadan from «Mesopotamia» and other booksfew prose pieces also are added (partly translated into German by Claudia Dathe). «His» texts will be read by the author, Serhiy Zhadan. «Her» episodes — graphic symbols on the screen and contemporary dance. Throughout entire work the word «love» is mentioned 15 times, 9 times — «tenderness» and «nothing», and 2 times — word «war». Throughout entire play They reside the most acute and tender moments, which are always accompanied by music. Music canvas is created by accordion, electro-violin and other electronic instruments. Poetry and music will change and supplement each other, providing openness and unpredictability for creature and space.

Project was shown in Kharkiv, Odessa and Kyiv

Kharkiv Municipal Gallery
Kharkiv, Ua