Non-trivial reflexion


A snap parliamentary election for the Verkhovna Rada took place in Ukraine on 26 October. Voter activity in the Odessa region was the lowest in the history of Ukraine. I have visited 15 polling stations. At each of polling station, I talked to people who has just vote and appealed to them to try to understand and present their choice, transferred it to the paper. I appeal to the subject of the unconscious and self-reflection, I was interested in the first place, the individual perception of the electoral process.

Peoples drawings indicating a very low level of awareness, with maximum involvement of citizens in political life and their social activity. Despite the fact that it was the parliamentary elections, voters in the majority, motivated only by personal sympathies to the leaders of various political parties, as we can see by their drawings.

The project shows the inconsistency of the party system of Ukraine, the figures dominate specific characters when it would be logical to see abstract images associated with political parties or ideas.

April, 24 - May, 15 2015
Odessa, Ua