My next exhibition


In this work I focused on research of art context. Museum of Odessa Modern Art proposed me a solo show and I was hesitating if I need it for my practice now. After a while I decided to make an open call for the exhibition dates that I had. But the winner should be selected not by professional jury but by lotto machine – by pure fate. No jury, no experts, only Mr. Case. This appeals to often suspicious mechanism of jury that seems to be often biased.

Typically, the procedure of choice winners of various open calls isn`t enough clear and raises many questions. Who should to evaluate the application, on which basis etc.  So I created an open-call proposal and placed it on different art platforms. The winner will get a solo exhibition in Museum of Odessa Modern Art . No limits for applicants – any kind of work, any topic, any age, gender and so on. So I got applications from all around Ukraine.

Here exhibition openings looks enough formalized and are full of attributes of the party such as reception, master of ceremony, music and party decorations. I decided to overact it: at a web-site for private ads I found a professional master of ceremony who usually works at weddings and birthday parties and proposed him to work for an evening at the museum ceremony with lotto. I made for him a lecture about contemporary art and he created a kind of party contest on this plot. I didn`t want to let down the audience who will come for the ceremony of selection and expect a kind of action there, so I decided to recreate whole atmosphere of an opening event with cocktail etc.

So the winner was selected and in 3 weeks her solo show took place at MoOMA.

Screenshot from with Toastmaster Alexander advertising

After one hour of fun Toastmaster Alexander invite girl from public to lotto machine. She pulled out name of the Open Calls winner.

June 16 in museum was an exhibition of the winner Open call – Katerina Repa

Poster for open call winer solo show

Also, after the ceremony, I find in Internet stream from the ceremony by two bloggers.

I decided to mix it together and use like an extra documentation of my work