It seemed that something gonna happen


This is a total installation on which I`ve worked for 10 years.
In some way, this is the protoretrospective, which is organized and connected with exploring the collection of Museum of Odessa Modern Art.

The purpose of this work is to build conditions for an appearance of a kind of an ideal exhibit item. This alchemical process is based on the scheme I have drawn out.

The wall is constructed specially for this work with two holes in it, divides the exhibition hall into two parts:

In the first you are, the spectator.

The second part is a visual-philosophical fresco, a kind of labyrinth filled with encrypted symbols, riddles and associations.
The visual series of this “laboratory” refers to the recent Anne Imhof’s work “Faust”.

What we can see here and now will never happen again.

Photo: Katja Bakurova

The Museum of Odessa Modern art
April, 14 - May 13, 2018
Odessa, UA