7 minutes


Before I went to Kassel to see Documenta, I spent plenty of my time to organisation process of the 5th Odessa Biennale as far as worked as I was an assistant curator. Everyday bureaucracy work, tuff schedule without days off – all this left a big mark on me. In the same time during this process I observed the inner formal part of contemporary art system function. And all this doesn`t seems to be the thing that an artist should do.

During this time I forbid to myself to think about contemporary art for keeping my emotional state. But when I came to Kassel I was stoned by enormous insuperable gap between this place and Odessa. When I arrived to Kassel, I absolutely could not concentrate. I could stay in Kassel only for 3 days cause this was enough expensive.

It was a radical lack of time for diving in exhibition narrative and I understood that these days I need to forget about all other things and to focus only on art.  So I made a kind of small intimate action – for 7 minutes I thought only about contemporary art.

*I promise not to think about contemporary art

*Today I was thinking only about contemporary art

Kreuzberg Pavillon
Werner-Hilpert Straße 17
June 25, 2017
Kassel, GER