Сheap and ugly


a short film by Dmitriy Khavin.
2016. Russian with English subtitles


Perhaps the only common thing in these artworks is the poverty of materials and deliberately poor rendition. In this project I research Ukrainian everyday life, social relationships and contexts. I deliberately limit myself in the selection of materials for the artworks. This project is – a nod to the Arte Povera movement.

Seaside hedonism?
8 bit
April 26 - May 25, 2015
Kyiv, UA
Soborna sq.
September, 25, 2015
Odessa, Ua
ENFANT TERRIBLE. Odessa conceptualism
The Museum of Odessa Modern art
October 9 - November 10, 2015
Odessa, UA
Wish you birn!
tissue/burned matches
ENFANT TERRIBLE. Odessa conceptualism
National Art Museum of Ukraine
June 12 - September 20, 2015
Kyiv, UA
Homage to Mladen Stilinovic
Odessa, UA