In  early 2016 I decided to make a pause in my exhibition practice cause I doubted if exhibition representation of my work is a relevant method. In the end of the year I gathered all my works that I made this year in one post box. But my practice is mostly non-material and I gathered some kind forms that represent my ideas. With this box I came to an art critic and curator Mikhail Rashkovetsky and was representing to him work by work discussing it. I filmed this conversation and obtained a 6 hours long documentary. By this I developed a kind of methodology for works show that could help to young artists to express and articulate their practice. This pattern should easify the problem of non-visible private art work.

I represented it in artist-run space Detenpyla in Lviv, Ukraine. All this appeals to the discourse of art context and position of the artist in a system of art. In the same time, I do not refuse the possibility of exhibition practice, but explore obstacles of it and propose one of possible solutions.

Detenpyla Gallery
March 24 - April 24, 2017
Lviv, Ua

Today in ukrainian art it`s not so common to articulate problems of artistic method and language. The author’s text to Nikolay Karabinovychs` new solo show “INSTEADOFEXHIBITION”, which opens on March 24 in Lviv Gallery Detenpyla, begins with words “Something went wrong”, Karabinovych, one of the most promising young Ukrainian artists, raises the problems of the artistic language, its capabilities and targets.

One-year break in expo activity after resonant project realisated in Pinchuk Art Center, becomes a precedent for creation of extralong (6 hours!) video, where, in a conversation with the curator, former director of the Soros Center of Odessa, Mikhail Rashkovetsky, Karabinovych describes and shows the works that he made or did not during last year.

What is this conversation of excessive length about? Confession, psychotherapy, explanation of artists` long silence – perhaps all together, perhaps something completely different. The work is not about personal. Using private story Karabinovych dissects the specificity of local art scene, goals and results of institutionalized artistic activity in Ukraine. And for sure he is in search for his own method of expression.

Is there now a circle of young Ukrainian artists who speak the same language, or Karbinovych stills in solitude? Perhaps the artist’s silence was caused by the reluctance to participate in the speculative projects of his colleagues. But “INSTEADOFEXHIBITION” interrupts this silence. Let’s see what will happen next.